Fenton Fanatics QVC Database

Why this Database? - This project began for me about 1 year ago when I thought it would be nice to catalog all of the QVC offerings of Fenton for my own personal database. You see pleny of Fenton on eBay or other Internet sites that you cannot trace to a catalog or other reference and wonder when it was produced and for whom. When I decided to create the "Fenton Fanatics" site, my thoughts turned to making the QVC Database a reality for other users. After finding the right software, moving the site to the current web hosting service, and a lot of work, it has become a reality.

The Data and Pictures - It would be impossible for any one person to own all of the Fenton shown on QVC over the last 2-1/2 years unless you were a millionaire :) Most of the pictures used for this database were captured from QVC's website and their Fenton listings. Others were taken from actual collections, QVC Fenton broadcasts, or other internet resources. Some of the pictures used in this database are not the best quality but should give you a general idea on how the item looked. Perhaps sometime in the future if I can obtain official Fenton support, I will be able to replace the pictures with higher quality versions.

The data itself was gathered from QVC, FAGCA, NFGS, and other resources. A special thanks goes to Kay Kenworthy of FAGCA for helping me obtain QVC listings from the newsletter. And I would like to thank QVC for introducing me to the world of Fenton Art Glass. If you get a chance, drop by QVC's website and do a search on Fenton sometime. You may be surprised on what you can buy without even watching one of the shows :)

This database is by no means complete. You will notice some listings where I have not been able to obtain a photograph, Fenton Catalog number, suggested retail price, etc., particularly on some of the earlier items. So if you, as a user, come across a picture or other data that would help with filling in some of the blanks, please send me some Email. This is an ongoing project as it covers only the last 2-1/2 years of Fenton on QVC. If I can obtain information and help from others, I plan on taking this database back as far as I can, maybe even to the beginning of the QVC/Fenton relationship. So anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.