Fenton Fanatics Content Contributors

The Fenton Fanatics website is a community portal of all things Fenton Art Glass and maintained primarily by the voluter effects of other Fenton Fanatics. Over the years, the website has had many contributors who have provided updates to the databases and online catalog sections. While the following is not a complete list of content contributors, we hope it provides some insight into how the site was developed and continues to grow.

John Gager - Fenton Fanatics Founder

John is the original Fenton Fanatic! His vision was to create a website dedicated to all thing Fenton Art Glass. The website continues to be a free of charge service to other Fenton Fanatics. His work to create the website and work with others resulted to much of the content of the website. John retired as webmaster in 2010, but he continue to be a fanatic fan of Fenton Art Glass.

Sharon Bragg - Fenton Animal Database

Sharon Bragg had the vision and passion to share this Fenton animal information with all collectors. The genesis of this database began in 1996 when she visited the Fenton factory for a week of research on the animals produced in Fenton's regular catalog line. In 2002, John and Sharon begin working on what is todays Animal Database on Fenton fanatics website.

Becki Ann Selby - Fenton Catalogs plus Fenton QVC & Animal Databases

Becki Ann is an avid Fenton Collector with an eclectic collection. She has a little bit of everything, but her main focus is the 5148 mouse, 5165 cat, 5228 bridesmaid and the student lamps. In fact it was a colonial blue student roses lamp that started her obsession! She had bought one for her mom and set it on the entertainment center until she could find a suitable box. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. After a few days, she decided momma wasn't getting that lamp! Many of you may know her from the Yahoo chat groups or from her e-book Fenton Critters which is a comprehensive guide to 3,000+ Fenton animals (click for more on the Fenton Critters guide). She enjoys going to the Fenton conventions and events and love meeting fellow collectors! She also trys to preserve Fenton history by purchasing Fenton catalogs which she scans and converts to Adobe, many of which you'll find in our catalog section. Her dream is to have one of every Fenton catalog ever made!

Lorianne Puskarich - Fenton QVC & Animal Databases

Lorianne has been collecting Fenton since her 16th birthday - her Grandma gave her a vintage Blue Opalescent Hobnail Cat Slipper that she had admired since she was a little girl - that started it all - today, Lorianne has over 300 cat slippers - her collection also includes all 3 colors of Burmese, Bridesmaid Dolls, Wheat Vases, Tobacco Jars, Nymphs, Apples and other fruits and her bedroom is packed with various items in all shades of Fenton purples. Lorianne loves the Fenton yahoo chat groups and many of her "life long friends" are the result of those groups. Lorianne goes to Fenton several times per year, loves the glass and shopping, but loves meeting fellow collectors and making new friends even more. Her motto is "A Day Without Fenton is Truly Like A Day Without Sunshine". American made Fenton glass truly brightens each and every day!!

Other Content Contributors

Frank Sereno Colleen Ott Mary Walrath Sharon Fenner
Stu Horn Donna Hatch Linda Dees Shelby Lollis
Doris Grajczyk Gregory Steele Deb Beyer Colleen Gradowski
Susie Bargar Sue Sams Frances Burton Laurie Rylander
Donna Hatch Ann Fenton Charles Wise


This site is dedicated to the Fenton collector and maintained by fellow Fenton Fanatics. Founded in 1999 by John Gager with the help of many Fenton Fans, the purpose of the site continues to be a community portal for all things Fenton. If you have any suggestions regarding what information you would like to see, please use the contact form below to let us know.

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