Color Codes

Code Description Dates
AA Aqua / Aquamarine 1999
AB Apple Blossom, Pink Flowers on Silver Crest 7/69-12-70
AB Apple Blossom, Pink Crest on Milk Glass 1/60-7/61
AF Antique Rose, White Pearl w/Pink Rose 1991
AG Antique Green 1905/1930
AG Apple Green (overlay) 1961 only
AL Cobalt and Aqua Tranquility 1999
AM Amethyst 1933
AM Gold `1994
AO Autumn Orange (Gold Adventurine) Vasa Murrhina 7/64-12/67
AO Gold Opalescent (Autumn Gold Opalescent) 1994
AQ Aquamarine 1926
AR Amber (Antique Amber - See also CA) 1/59-1963
AU Gold (First 25 Year Price Guide) 1905-1930
AV Gold Amberina - Gold and Cranberry 1999
AW Antique White 1980
AW Gold on Black (Autumn Leaves on Black) 1994
AZ Martha's Rose - Aqua and White w/pink 1999
BA Blue Satin, used as base for Blue Marble and Blue Milk Glass 1973-1984 
BB Decorator Code, Bluebells on Hobnail 1971-72
BC Blue Crest 1963 only
BC Decorator Code, Bluebirds on Custard 1977-1979
BC Decorator Code, Birds of Winter 1988
BD Decorator Code, Burmese with Transfer Leaves 1970-72
BD Decorator Code, Blue Dogwood on Cameo Satin 1980-82
BF Barber Pulled Feathers 1975
BH Bittersweet Hanging Hearts 1975
BJ Pekin Blue II 1968-1969
BK Black (produced during the first 25 years) Unknown
BK Black (Ebony or black amethyst) 1968-76, 1981-82
BK Black Crest 1970
BL Decorator Code, Blue Roses on Blue Satin 1976-83
BM Blue Mist, a "spatter glass", blue & white pigment in crystal 1964 0nly
BN Blue Opaline 1960 Only
BN Rose Brown 1973
BO Blue Opalescent, in and out of production since 1907 1959-64;1979-81
BP Persian Blue (First 25 Years Price Guide)
BQ Decorator Code, Special assortment of small items 1981
BR Burmese 1970-Present
BT Victorian Bouquet, Black with Flowers 1995
BU Blue, a rarely used color 1960-12/63
BV Powder blue Overlay 1961-62
BW Black and White 1962-12/77
BY Decorator Code, Blue and yellow flowers and butterflies on Milk Glass 1977-78
CA Colonial Amber 1962-1980
CB Celeste Blue (First 25 Years price guide) 1924-27
CB Colonial Blue 1962-12/69
CC Cranberry 1988-Present
CD Decorator Code, Daisies on Cameo Satin 7/78-1983
CE Crystal Etched
CG Colonial Green, olive rather than emerald color 1963-12/76
CG Celeste Green
CG Morning Mist - Silver Crest w/blue flowers 1999
CH Decorator Code, Holly on Custard 7/72/1981
CH Chocolate Glass
CI Custarad Hanging Heart, (Barber) 1976
CK Chocolate 1976
CL Coral 1961 only
CM Cameo
CN Original Formula Carnival (base color amethyst) 1970-1983
CO Orange Carnival (Marigold) 7/71-12/73
CO Cameo Opalescent (brought back from 1920's) 1979-1982
CP Colonial Pink 1962-1968
CP Empress Rose 1998-99
CR Cranberry Opalescent 1956-present
CR Celeste Ruby
CS Crystal Satin 1972-1974
CT Custard (basically Custard Satin without the acid wash) 1975-1976
CU Custard Satin 1972-present
CU Custard
CV Decorator Code, Christmas Morn, 1978 Christmas Classics 1978
CV Cascade (Barber Collection) 1976
CW Decorator Code, Cardinals in Winter 7/77-1979
CW Pansies on Cranberry 1994-1999
CY Crystal 1956-present
CY Chinese Yellow, Solid opaque yellow, not cased 1924-25; 1932-33
DA MI hobnail flower arranger with artificial daisies
DB Decorator Code, Decorated Burmese 1973-1980
DC Decorator Code, Daisies on Custard 1975-1982
DH Decorator Code, Holly on Milk glass, Hobnail MI with holly sprays 7/71/1975
DK Dusty Rose 1991-1997
DN Iridescent Pink (Rose Pearl) 1993
DP Dusty Rose & Asters on Rose Overlay 1993-1996-97
DR Decorator Code, Chocolate Roses on Cameop Satin 1979-1982
DS Primrose (White Opalescent with Flowers) 1994
DV Decorator Code, Decorated Violets (Violets in the Snow) 1969-1984
DW Rose Pearl and Vining Hearts 1993
DX Handpaintged Trellis 1995-1999
EG Rose Garden, White with Pink 1994-1997
EG Egg Paperweight (Robert Barber) 6/76
EH Fuschia 1994
EJ Peach Sunset Peach Satin 1986
ES Elizabeth Collection, White with Blue Flowers 1991-1992
EZ Green Opalescent
FB Florentine Blue
FA Frosted Asters -Blue w/flowers 1986
FC Flame Crest 1963 only
FD Clear with Rose on Hobnail 1994
FE English Garden on Peach Satin 1986
FF Floral Dreams 1988
FG Florentine Green
FG Flying Geese -Custard w/ 1986
FH Hearts & Flowers, White, with Flowers 1988-1993
FH Orchid on Favrene 1999
FL Special Limited Code, Florentine Treatment, Nativity Bell 1980
FO French Opalescent 1956-1968
FP Florentine Pearl
FP Vining Garden, Sea Mist Green ... Green with Flowers 1992-1996
FR Florentine Ruby
FR Sea Mist on Hobnail, Clear with Green 1994
FS Vining Garden on Thistle, Green-Cranberry 1988 & 1995
FT Autumn Gold, Gold on Crystal 1994
F3 The Farm - Custard w/scent 1986
GB Adventurine Green with Blue (Vasa Murrhina Color ) 1964-68
GC Gold Crest 1943-45;1963-64
GD Goldenrod 7/56-12/56
GE Sea Green Satin 1998
GF English Garden on Gray Mist -Blue Gray w/flowers 1986
GG Grecian Gold
GG Floral Interlude on Sea Green Satin 1998
GH Decorator Code, Going Home, Christmas Classic 1980 Only
GL Gold on White Satin, specially decorated anniversary plates 1975-12/78
GN Green (Code changed to GR in 1961, and to GT in 1977  1961
GO Green Opalescent 7/59-7/61
GR Green (Code changes to GT in 1977) 7/61-12/62
GR Green Rose, decoration on 5140GR Egg 1973-75
GT Springtime Green (Same chemical formula as GR and GN) 1977-78
GU Baby Gifts - White w/pink 1998-99
HA Honey Amber (cased glass) 1/61-12/67
HB Satin Blue Overlay, same as OB with satin finish 7/76 
HZ Pink Pearl 1992
IB Independence Blue Carnival 7/74-12/76
JA Jade Green 1924-37; 1980
JB Jamestown Blue (cased) 1957-58
JE Celete Blue Stgretch, Blue with Flowers 1995
JE Peach Millennium Coillection 1999
JM Jamestown Blue with Milk 1957-58
JT Jamestown Blue Transparent (blue not cased with milk glass) 1957-1958
JU Meadow Blooms - White w/pink 1986
JX Twining Berries - White w/gold 1999
JY Yellow Jade
JY Arbor Blossoms on Petal Pink (Pink w/Flowers) 1992-1993
KA Celeste Blue Stretch 1995
KG Golden Flax on Cobalt, Cobalt Blue with Flowers 1995-1996
KK Blue Royle 1988
KN Cobalt 1995-1996
KP Copper Rose, Black with Flowers 1991-1993
KT Mountain Berry on Gold Overlay 1996
L3 Morning Glories on Sea Mist Green, Green with Pink 1997
L4 Sea Mist Crackle 1992-1993
LA Mother's Little lamb -Custard w/scene 1986
LB Labyrinth (Barber Collection) 1976
LB Autumn Leaves -White w/pink 1986
LC Case Lilac, cased Turquoise outer, Amber inner layers rare 7/55-6/56
LC Decorator Code, Log Cabin on Custard 1977-Present
LE Sea Mist Green 1992-1997
LH Bellflowers - Blue w/flowers 1999
LK Misty Blue 1999
LM Lime Green, Same formula as Lime Satin & Lime Sherbet 7/74-12/76
LN Lavender Satin 1977-1978
LO Sea Mist Green Opalescent 1992-1993
LR Decorator Code, Love Rose on Ruby 1979-1980
LR Misty Blue Satin 1997
LS Lime Sherbet 1973-1980
LS Iris on Misty Blue Satin 1997
LT Country Scene, Cream with Scene 1991
LU Lumina
LW Decorator Code, Love Rose on White 1979-1980
LX Lilac 1991
MB Blue Marble (also known as 'slag') 1970-73
MD Code used for milk glass Hens on Nest with decorated heads
MG Milk Glass with Dark Green 1953-55
MG Marigold
MG Mongolian Green 1934=35
MG Mulberry 1991-1992
MI Milk Glass, The old standard (also White Satin, WS, w/satin finish 1933-present
MM Misty Morn, White with scene 1988
MO Moonstone
MR Mandarin  Red 1932-35
NB Decorator Code, New Born, Mothers Day special 1980 ony
NC Decorator Code, Nature's Christmas, Christmas Classic 1979
NK Cobalt Carnival 1986
NX Violets on Rosalene -Pink w/Violets 1999
N4 Royal Purple 1998
OB Blue Overlay, with a number of optic treatments 1/62-12/65
OB Blue Overlay 1967 & 1971
OC Teal Royale 1988
OD Dusty Rose Overlay 1988
OE Orange Satin 1/68-6/68
OG Shelley Green Overlay (named for bill Fenton's daughter) 1967 only
OI Orienta Ivory
OI Teal Marigold 1988
OM Decorator Code, The Old Mill 1979-1980
OO Provincial Blue OPpalescent 1988
OP Opal 1969
OP Periwinkle Overlay 1986
OR Orange, a tupe of pressed 'amberina' 1963-12/77
OR Orchid
P8 Pink Crackle 1992-1993
P9 Plum and Sweetbriar on Plum Overlay 1997
PA Plated Amberina, an unusual cased item 1/62-12/63
PB Peach Blow (replaced by Peach Crest) 1939; 1952-57
PB Periwinkle Blue 1935 only
PC Peach Crest, a long running favorite, many different shapes 1940-12/69
PD Meadow Beauty 1996-1997
PE Shell Pink 1988 & 1991
PF MI Hobnail Flower Arranger with Pink Flowers
PF Pansies, White with Plum and Flowers 1991, 1995-1997
PI Field Flowers on Champagne 1997
PJ Lilacs on Milk Glass 12993-1995
PK Peking Blue (a remake of PEKIN BLUE, 1930's) 1980 (early)
PL Plum 1993-1996
PN Petal Pink 1991-1995
PN Pink Opaline 1960 ONLY
PO Plum Opalescent 1/59-12/62
PQ Champaigne Satin 1996-1997
PR Patriot Red 1976
PR Purple Rose 1973s-74
PT Pearly Sentiments 1988, 91-92
PU Violets on Petal Pink 1994
PV Vintage on Plum, Plum with Flowers 1993-1995
PW Periwinkle Blue Transparent 1986
PX Plum Carnival 1997
PY Decorator Code, Pink Anemone or Pink Blossom 1973-Present
PY Peach Blow Yellow Dates not known
PZ Peach Meadow Blooms on Opal satin 1986
R1 Buttercups & Berries on Red Carnival 1995
R5 Romance Collection - White/Clear 1998
RB Decorator Code, Rose Burmese 1971-1980
RBV Royal Blue, a deep cobalt blue 1931-1939
RC Decorator Code, Roses on Custard 1977-1983
RC Red Carnival Dates not known
RD Decorator Code, Roses on Ruby 1979-present
RE Rosalene 1976 - present
RG Rose with Adventurine Green, a Vasa Murrhina color 1964-67
RH Decorator Code, Holly on Ruby 7/72-1982
RK Blossoms and Berries -White w/Lavender 1986
RM Rose Mist, a spatter color with pink and white encased in clear 1964-65
RN Ruby Irridescent (aka Red Carnival around 1914) 1976-77
RN Damask Rose on Red Carnival 1991-1996
RO Ruby Overlay (aka Cranberry, later Country Cranberry, CC) 1942-48; 1951-53;
RO Rose/Pink
RP Rose Pastel, similar to shell pink made by Jeanette & Fostoria 1954-57
RS Rose Satin (from the Rosaline formula, without white swirls) 1974-77
RU Ruby 1966-present
RV Rose Magnolia Opalescent 1994
RW Decorator Code, Roses on Milk 1974-75
RW Romance Collection, Cream with Gold Speckle 1977
SA Satin Etched San Toy 1936
SB Satin Blue Overlay 1976-77
SC Silver Crest 1940-1992
SF Meadow Blossom 1993
SH Satin Honey Amber 7/76
SI Spruce Carnival 1999
SJ Silver Jamestown, encased Jamestown Blue and White with crest 1/57-12/59
SL Silver on White Satin 1976-96
SO Spruce Green 1999
SR Satin Rosalene 7/76-1977
SR Silver Rose, Rose Pastel with a crystal crest  1956-57
SR Salem Blue (light clear blue) 1991-1992
SS Decorator Code, Sunset on Cameo Satin 1980-82
SS Historic Collection, Green Stretch Date Not Known
ST Silver Turquoise, (TU with a crystal crest) 1956-58
ST Summer Tapestry, (Barber Collection) 1976
ST Windflowers, Green Stretch Date Not Known
T6 Twilight Crackle, (blue) 1993
TA Tangerine
TB Hand Rubbed Blue Satin on Milk (originally called antique blue) 7/69; 1980-82
TB Twilight Blue 1992-1994
TE Historic Blush Rose on Opaline 1996
TG Hand Rubbed Green Satin on Cream Background Milk Glass 7/69
TG Historic Collection Opaline, (aqua) 1996
TH Turquoise Hanging Heart (Barber) 1976
TL Handpainted Tulips 1991
TN Antique Brown (Currier and Ives pieces) 1980-82
TO Topaz Opalescent, also called 'vaseline' or 'canary' opalescent 1959-62; 1980; 
TP Hydrangas on Topaz Opalescent 1997
TS Hand Rubbed Brown Satin on Cream Background Milk Glass 1960
TS Topaz Opalescent 1997
TT Twilight Blue and Twilight Tuylips 1992-1994
TU Turquoise 1955-58
U5 Bluebird on Burmese 1999
UQ Periwinkle on Blue Burmese 1999
VA Vaseline
VC Egg, 'Violets on Custard' 1973-74
VE Crystal Velvet 1977-present
VJ Victorian Roses 1988
VR Velva Rose 1980-82
VV Golden Gourds on Burmese 1999
WB Blue Roses, early code for BL(5140 Egg)later for lamp 7/72, 1977-78
WD Decorator Code, White Daisies (on Black) 1972-76
WI Wisteria, (satin) Scarce color 1937
WR Wild Rose, Cranberry over White 1961-62
WS White Satin,  (Milk Glass with satin finish) 1/72-present
WS Poppies on Burmese 1999
WT Wisteria 1977-78
YB Kristen's Florals, White with Pink Flowers 1995/1996
XK Violet Satin 1999
XP Violet Satin w/Flowers 1999
YB Kristen's Florals -White w/pink flowers 1995-96
YF MI Hobnail Flower Arranger with Yellow and White flowers
YL Yellow Opaline 1960
YR Decorator Code, Yellow Roses (on Silver Crest) 7/69
Z8 English Cottage on Satin, White with Scene 1993
ZF Mystical Bird on Mulberry 1999