Collector Story - It All Started With A Fenton Calendar Cat

Carol L. from Florida told us that her story was no different from anyone else "We just fail in love with it" she said. As part of our series of Collector Stories, she agreed to tell us more about how she started collecting Fenton Art Glass. It all started with a Fenton Calendar Cat. She saw it when she was eight years old and out shopping with her mother. Her mother was frugal and never spent money on "stuff" so she didn't get the cat figurine. Carol's surprise of a lifetime came in January. The Garnet rhinestone Fenton January Calendar Cat figurine was her birthday present.

That very cat still graces the shelf of one of her many curio cabinets. Today, it has a lot of company and shares the curio cabinets with 346 other 5165 cat figurines. With that many cat figurines, she qualifies as a Fenton Fanatic. In addition to acquiring Fenton cat figurines, she has also acquired some very dear friends who are fellow Fenton collectors. Like many Fenton Collectors, she searches eBay for pieces she need to complete her collection. What's she still looking for? Her wish list includes a Hanging Hearts, Green Spruce Slag, and sapphire blue opalescent cats (see photos below). If you have a lead on any of these figurines, let us know and we'll be sure to pass it along to Carol.


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